Basically electric guitar pickup plays an important part in dictating the guitar tone and for a starter; pickups could be thing of mystery. Pickup is the bit of guitar which listens for string being played. Pickup is constructed of two kinds of key elements such as many turns of the wound copper wire and magnet. There are two types of pickup magnets. They are Alnico and Ceramic. Each magnet has its own specific features. You can compare alnico vs ceramic guitar pickups

As everyone knows electric guitar completely differs from acoustic guitar because of pickup. It is the device which is mounted under strings on body of guitar. Pickup technology is quantifiable in many measures which includes resonance frequency and output voltage.

Different types of electric guitar pickups

Grey guitar

In a present world most of the players are willing to buy electric guitar and change pickup one or many times to experiment. Based on the player and guitar, some of the pickup is offering more magnetic drive which translates to distorted sounds. Different types of electric guitar pickups are there such as:

  • Humbucker
  • Single coil
  • MIDI pickups
  • Trembucker

Single coil pickup is the first pickup and it is most famous type of pickup which is known for its treble sound, hum, interference and for low output.

A Guitar with two singles

The Humbucker is also called as twin coil pickup and name formed from “bucking the hum”. Hum is the intrusion from light ballasts, motors, computer and appliances.

Musical instrument digital interface is the digital protocol and MIDI pickup is the device which attaches to guitar to capture string vibrations and translate into series of the 1s and 0s to output.

Any pickup might take time to install because you must be drilled new holes which could take hour or two hour. Because of the installation time and comparing pickup on same guitar might be time consuming. Basically guitar vary in construction, wood, type of strings and age and environmental conditions like temperature and humidity will affect quality and sound output so choose the best guitar pickup.

New pickup could be better than buying new instruments. If you are looking for different sound or want to lend new life to the old guitar then you must choose new pickups. When you select pickup, you must define tone you are going for. Most of the pickups are of passive design and it works like small generators. Active pickup used nine volt battery in order to create electric field.

Essential tips to choose best guitar pickup

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The characteristics tone of the single coil pickup is cutting and bright. In a simple term, pickup is the magnet which picks up guitar string vibration. This kind of the vibration is turned into the electric signal which is sent to amplifier to make sound of guitar louder.

Guitar might have different combinations of either Humbucker or single pickups. If you are looking for the right pickup then you must start to listen to your favorite guitarists and identify what they used to get excellent sound.

Different kinds of guitar models are having passive pickups. Active pickup appeared for bassists and it is used battery powered circuit to produce powerful output.