If you are a beginner to buy electric guitar then you must concern about specific things such as proper size, sound great and matches up with budding player music aspirations and tastes. Electric guitar might vary in sound and style in accordance with their body style, number of strings, tone woods, electronic components and hardware. Different models and styles of the electric guitars are there and it operates on same general principles. Three basic types of the electric guitar body styles are there such as:

  • Solid body
  • Semi hollow body
  • Hollow body

How to buy properly quality cheap electric guitar

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With the help of electric guitar, you must play almost any style which starts from classic rock to indie because electric guitars are having special control for tone and volume. In a modern world most of the beginners avoid to buy electric guitar because they think that it would be louder than acoustic.

Plenty of specifications are associated with electric guitar such as scale length, bridge, body, finish, scale length, controls and pickup selector. Solid body electric guitar is common body type and it is designed from solid slab of wood. Solid body guitar might range from single pickup model, simple, multi pickup instrument with the slew of electronic options. As a name suggest hollow body guitar is having body which are hollow. It is quiet similar to acoustic guitar and it produces more resonance because of its design. This kind of the guitar is having features of arch top.

Jazz guitarMost of the jazz guitarists are willing to use hollow body electric guitar because of its rich tones, full and deep bass response.

Semi hollow body is similar to the hollow body which has more resonance rather than solid body. However semi follow guitar is designed with the solid center wood block which adds sustain and stability.

Most of the electric guitar is having features of multiple pickups and some of the guitar is having two or three single coils. Most common woods for solid body electric guitar is that maple and mahogany. Basically mahogany electric guitar is providing round and warm tone.

You can also find out the electric guitar which is designed with light weight ash which can produce alder or ringing tone that has amazing tonal balance for wide varieties of musical styles.

Essential tips to buy the best and cheap electric guitar

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Basically professional musicians and lifelong pleasure player tend to look for the newest electric guitar in online. If you are struggling to buy the guitar then you must follow some effective tips such as

  • Style of the music which you want to play
  • Price range
  • Age or size of the player

As everyone knows electric guitar is available in numerous numbers of shapes, sizes and weight so you must carefully select best guitar. If you are a younger or smaller in size then you should select guitar which has shorter scales, thinner necks and are lighter in the weight.